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Jo Ann Barefoot explores how to create fair and inclusive consumer financial services through innovative ideas for industry and regulators

Books I Packed for Boston


Books I Packed for Boston

Jo Ann Barefoot

People sometimes ask me to recommend books on innovation and regulation.

I recently moved to Boston for my Harvard fellowship, which will be devoted to writing my own book on regulation and innovation.  I thought I'd share a bit of the bookshelf I boxed up for the trip.

It's an eclectic mix with authors ranging from a Nobel Peace Prize winner to an anarchist.

I'd already packed others, including the indispensable book on consumer financial protection, Reference Guide to Regulatory Compliance, by my friend and former colleague Lyn Farrell.

The old book in the box - standing vertically with the spine mostly obscured -- is Ralph Nader's 1965 game-changer, Unsafe at Any Speed.  That was a half-century ago, when the consumer protection laws were young, and so was I, and so was Ralph Nader.  Time for an update?

Readers:  What do you suggest I read?